Katie and the Fairy Princess in the Deep, Dark Woods

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Katie and the fairy princess in the deep,dark woods

Once upon a time,in 1886,there was a tall and pretty young lady who was called Katie.She lived with her mum,4 annoying sisters and one mean,horrible dad in a pinted-sized and rusty palace in a clean,sparkly city.However,the 4 annoying sisters play tricks on Katie.
On one buetifal day,Katie and the 4 annoying sisters had a row because they wanted the new room and all because it`s bigger.Katie bumped into a brave boy,who was called tom,and he also changes brothers and sisters into children that never fight which means Katie and the 4 sisters will never fight again.
Tom`s magic powers are gone which mean`s that Katie and the 4 annoying sisters will fight and Katie wil scream like this “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaar”Then the 4 sisters wiil go like this “Muuuuuuuuuuuuum”The boy tried to get his powers back.’however,a evil devil took his powers so Tom might go and take his powers back from the devil by looking in the devils cuboreds,jars and everthing else he can find.Then Later on the evening,he still hadn’t found his powers so he gave up.
Katie,mum and Tom all found Tom’s magic powers underneath the devils bed.Tom deafeted the evil devil and Tom could put magic on Katie and the 4 annoying sisters won’t fight over anything again.

Excuses by Maple Class

In our Shared Reading lessons, we have been reading ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg and we read his poem ‘Excuses’. We then worked together to produce our own version of the poem. We hope you like it!

Please Mrs Butler


By Maple Class

Sorry I’m late Miss

Mum forgot to give me my breakfast

The car got stuck in the mud

I thought it was the weekend

My Dad was stuck in traffic

Sorry I’m late Miss

Sorry I didn’t do my homework Miss

My pen wouldn’t work

The hamster ate my homework

My hand was feeling lazy

I forgot I had to do it

Sorry I didn’t do my homework Miss

Willow Class’ Science Investigations

In Willow Class, we have been learning about materials and their properties in our science lessons.
We carried out many investigations to explore how materials can be grouped and changed.
Our first enquiry was to find out how materials can change shape. To answer our question we bent, stretched, squashed and twisted a range of materials to see how they changed.
After that we explored the effect of heating materials. We described the properties of food before and after heating to see what changes took place.  We also described which changes were reversible and which were irreversible!
We particularly enjoyed our investigation to find the warmest place in the classroom! We decided which places we would like to test and then put ice cubes in different places to see which ones melted the fastest. So that our test was fair, we made sure all the ice cubes were the same size and we observed all the ice cubes every ten minutes. We found out that the warmest place in the classroom was under Miss Grimes’ chair! 
Materials and Properties 4Materials and Properties 5