Willow Class’ Science Investigations

In Willow Class, we have been learning about materials and their properties in our science lessons.
We carried out many investigations to explore how materials can be grouped and changed.
Our first enquiry was to find out how materials can change shape. To answer our question we bent, stretched, squashed and twisted a range of materials to see how they changed.
After that we explored the effect of heating materials. We described the properties of food before and after heating to see what changes took place.  We also described which changes were reversible and which were irreversible!
We particularly enjoyed our investigation to find the warmest place in the classroom! We decided which places we would like to test and then put ice cubes in different places to see which ones melted the fastest. So that our test was fair, we made sure all the ice cubes were the same size and we observed all the ice cubes every ten minutes. We found out that the warmest place in the classroom was under Miss Grimes’ chair! 
Materials and Properties 4Materials and Properties 5
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